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Over the years Raven has been portrayed as having a variety of powers, but due to her nature and need for control, many of them remain virtually unknown even to this day. Once unleashed however, Raven is a formidable opponent.


Raven has been described by Dr. Mid-Night as a very powerful empath, a person able to sense and control the emotions of others for different effects. As she forcibly have made both Wally West and Nightwing fall in love with her, though in Wally's case it was to save his life and make him join the New Teen Titans and accidental in Nightwing's, due to her own failings in understanding love. As a counterpoint, she can also choose to rob a person of all emotions, this ability has been shown to be enough to render entire crowds emotionally numb, but it was insufficient to halt a rampaging Dr. Light, however it can be suspected that she couldn't take it all without turning evil as a result. During the Titans/JLA crossover, Raven was free of Trigon's corruption and in this shape she seemed to effortlessly being able to calm the New God Orion, something that usually takes up most of the power of the Mother Box he always carries to curb his rage.

Her best known ability regarding her empathy is her ability to absorb the pains of others into herself, inducing rapid healing. However the cost is that she will feel the pain she absorbs, once this nearly killed her when called upon to save a gravely wounded child, also this sets a limit on the injuries she can heal in this fashion as she cannot heal fatal wounds or dangerous diseases. However Black Alice once channeled this particular power after one of her school mates was injured, citing Raven is one of the best healers around.

Soul-Self/Astral Projection

Raven's most visual ability, the power to separate her soul from her body, taking the shape of a huge bird, usually black, occasionally white. One she was taught to master as a part of Azarath's grand scheme to destroy Trigon.

With this Raven is able to walk between dimensions or over vast distances in the same dimension in a short span of time, if there are any limitations to her reach with this ability it has not been clearly defined. During the Crisis on Infinite Earth's both the Monitor and the Anti-Monitor considered her a suitable herald if they could not use Harbinger or the Psycho-Pirate respectively, but neither could locate her. As the Monitor is a being that is aware of the whereabouts of all beings in all parallel dimensions it has been suspected she traveled to a non-parallel dimension during the Crisis on Infinite Earths. Also she has used this ability defensively, using it to absorb items aimed at herself or others before regurgitating them later on, having been seen transporting sections of bridges away in this manner.

Normally however Raven uses her soul-self as a means of attack and containment of her adversaries within it, or as a scout for the rest of the team. Being contained within Raven's Soul-Self has often proven traumatic if she chooses as they come face to face with their own worst nightmares, some however have managed to physically battled their way out of her embrace, like Supergirl (though Raven admitted later on to Kara she wasn't really trying) and Black Adam who managed to shatter it with a punch during World War 3.

As all of her powers are, the use of her Soul-Self is linked to her emotional control, normally enforced by the fear of falling to her fathers control, if allowed to feel normally her powers increase. As seen in the Our Worlds at War story line, Raven assisted in containing Darkseid as Wonder Woman worked to reignite his omega powers, as Raven was a bodiless spirit, free of Trigon, she managed to contain Darkseid when he was enraged shortly after being repowered.

There is also a therapeutic aspect of Raven's Soul-Self, one she only displayed once when she subjected Superboy to first his greatest fears; being considered a dangerous weapon rather than a person, turning into Luthor's minion or becoming the Superman of Titans Tomorrow, before he was shown his own soul, which was something he had feared he did not posses as a clone.

Raven has limited precognition which allows her to predict future events that are about to happen. She displays it when she was able to predict that Trigon was going to invade Earth-Two. However, she cannot control this ability and use it whenever she desires, which is why it is only limited, as it only happens randomly.

Flight (Third Life)
Raven has the ability to fly in her third body, an ability she previously only manifested when she succumbed to Trigon.

Due to her nature and fear of falling to her demonic heritage, Raven has manifested a number of abilities while turned or that she does not usually employ, though some have appeared at other times when she has not been influenced by Trigon or otherwise turned evil.

Magic is one of these rarely seen abilities, but strongly hinted at being in her possession, as she has displayed when inducing unconsciousness on a young Tim Drake with a touch, firing balls of fire from the folds of her cloak or hurling electric blasts strong enough to take down all of her brothers and all of the adult Titans. Recently having been shown to completely annihilate the demon army of Rankor numbering more than three thousand individuals and which contained powerful individual demons that had taken the Titans down in ambushes previously.

Telekinesis; as she's twice displayed casually, once throwing Nightwing into a wall and suspending a struggling group of Titans in mid air.

Raven fighting hand-to-hand combat with her brothers - Titans Titans #18 - Alone in the Dark
Hand-to-Hand combat; a very rarely seen ability that has only really been displayed once and hinted at in another. The hint came when Raven was brainwashed by the previous Brother Blood, where she boldly claimed she was Donna Troy's equal but they were interrupted before her claim could be proven. The proven instance came when she took down an armed group of occultists through a mix of combat skills and teleportation later taking down her brother Envy in the same manner, during the struggle she was seen hurling occultists though tombstones and Envy though the stone floor of a church, however it is not known is this was pure physical strength or telekinesis is not known. In her demon shape she has also displayed an above human level of strength by holding both Nightwing and Starfire above her head, however, this could also be telekinesis.

Seeding; Only seen when she's turned evil, first during the Darkening, Raven had the ability to impregnate others with the Seed of Trigon, the spirits of his hundred dead children who came before Raven. However the Seeds needed superhuman hosts as Raven found out when a human carrier simply exploded in her asylum cell. Both Starfire and Garfield were subjected to this treatment, driving Garfield mad and causing Starfire to return to Tamaran, unknowingly containing Raven's pure soul. A different version of the Seeding was later shown when she attempted to implant the power of the remaining Six Deadly Sins into the bodies of the Titans, using Garfield as a conduct who would not survive the full implantation had it been successful.

Personal Data

Height : 5' 10" (178 cm)
Weight: 110 lbs (49 kg.)
Eyes: Indigo (once blue)
Hair: Black
Citizenship: Azarathian
Place of Birth: Azarath
Marital Status: Single
Education: Currently in High School
Affiliations: Teen Titans, Sentinels of Magic
Occupations: Superhero, Student
Known Relatives: Trigon (father), Angela Roth ( Arella, mother, deceased). She has six brothers.
Other Versions

DC/Wildstorm: Dreamwar
Raven appeared along with the rest of the Wolfman/Perez-era Teen Titans as part of Chimera's dream fuelled plot to make Wildstorms, normally very brutal heroes act like his dream heroes from the DC Universe. Initial appearance had the original Titans Tower appear out of nowhere on top of the Riker's Island prison facility. Mr. Majestic is sent in to investigate but is brought low by a Starbolt and a single touch from Raven before most of the Titans make their escape. She next appears along the other Teen Titans as they engage the members of Gen 13. As the heroes of DC, animated as they are, realize they are being used by Chimera and cease fighting and revert to a more cautious approach to the world around them, Chimera decides to dream up villains such as Doomsday to continue with his wishes before resorting to hatching a Sun-Eater inside the moon. While most of the heroes capable travel to the moon to prevent the Sun-Eater destroying it, Raven along with the Midnighter, independently of each other, deducts where Chimera hiding through Edgar Allan Poe's Purloined Letter, both deducting that Chimera was hiding in plain sight. After a brief fight with the Shadow-Thief, brought low by a glimpse into Raven's mind, they eventually find the shrunken Chimera before waking him up, causing all of the DC characters to disappear, but leaving the damage behind.

Other Media

Teen Titans Animated Series (2003 - 2006)

Raven from the Teen Titans Animated Series
Raven appeared in the Teen Titans animated series, voiced by Tara Strong and the continuation Teen Titans Go! comic, as a member of the team. She is drawn with gray skin and is very distant to her teammates but later on she starts to open up towards them. Some of Raven's most important stories like " Terror of Trigon", is based on the Trigon plot from the original New Teen Titans series.

Unlike her comic counterpart, the animated version of Raven relies on the ability of telekinesis, the ability of moving inanimate objects with only one's mind. Ranging from being able to move smaller items such as books to, while under stress, being able to move two multi-story buildings at once.

Also she is portrayed as an experienced mage as her room contains many mystic books and ingredients, this became even more prominent when the dragon Malchior added his own dark knowledge and collection of books to hers, however she had difficulty controlling these new spells.

The animated version of Raven often says the phrase "Azarath Metrion Zinthos" to help her meditate or use her powers. In the episode "Nevermore", Beast Boy and Cyborg encounter personified aspects of Raven, which she kept separate from her whole self, within her subconscious. Each aspect is represented as wearing a different colored robe; the aspect called The Rage (which has a red robe and the four eyes like her father is the one aspect Raven has the hardest struggle against and which she despises most. On occasion, when she draws on her full emotional power, her robe changes from black and blue to pure white ("Nevermore", "Spellbound" & "The End").

Raven followed by her father in the Teen Titans TV show fourth season.
Instead of having normal human coloration, Raven is depicted with light gray skin, violet-blue eyes and shoulder-length violet-blue hair. The animated Arella had distinctly Asian facial features, suggesting Raven is partially of Asian ancestry, but this is debatable, however she also shared Raven's hair color. In the Teen Titans movie Trouble in Tokyo, Raven states that she knows English, German, Latin, Romanian, Ancient Sumerian, and Sanskrit.

Raven is often portrayed as the most mature member of the group, often giving sage advice to the others about various subjects. She is, however, also the most emotionally-restrained of the Titans, appearing secretive and distant; she initially does not allow any of her fellow Titans into her room and hangs out all by herself, usually meditating or reading some book. In the course of the series, however, she gradually, if only slightly on the outside, warms up to her teammates. In several instances throughout the show, however, contrary to her usual behavior, she does show more emotion - such as making sheep's eyes along with Starfire at Aqualad in "Deep Six" -, though this is mostly used for comedic effect.

Raven is often easily annoyed with Starfire and Beast Boy, as these Titans' personalities differ drastically from her own. But despite her solitary nature, she depends on the emotional support from her friends, as she seems to lose her sense for reality after the Titans disband in "How Long is Forever?" While her relationship with Beast Boy is on the outside usually antagonistic, they come to each others side in emotional moments ("Nevermore", "Spellbound", "The Beast Within", "The End"). The only clearly established romantic relationship Raven has in the series is with the dragon Malchior, who later betrays Raven and breaks her heart, similar to what Eric Forrester had done.

During season 5 of Teen Titans, she was seen battling the Brotherhood of Evil.

Teen Titans Go!
Raven appears in Teen Titans go! as one of the main characters. Although similar to the Teen Titans TV show, Raven is shown to have more fun and be open (Dancing, playing with Pretty Pretty Pegasus dolls and watching the TV show, and making milk mustaches). She also gets annoyed with Starfire and Beast Boy, but not as much as the original show.

Video Games
DC Universe Online

She appears in the game both in a possessed form and later as an ally depending on the allegiance of the player. Both sides revolve around the same story line, where Circe intends on aiding Brother Blood in his efforts to summon Trigon through Raven, while Wonder Woman and Dr. Fate battle to prevent it with the aid of Raven and the Titans.

Through small info clips found throughout the game the player will learn that Circe is quite aggravated that Raven refuses to give in and desires her punished once she has what she wants. While Wonder Woman considers her a true hero for containing the dark forces within her and continuing the struggle against it.

Outside of the main story Raven is located in the Watchtower's Magic Wing where she is a vendor of the Tier 1 armor set for the magically aligned heroes. If clicked repeatedly she will remark on how she is not always sarcastic when she speaks.

Injustice: Gods Among Us

Raven appears as a playable character in Injustice: Gods among us. In the campaign, Raven joins Superman's Regime. This is likely because of the death of Titans Beast Boy, Starfire and Nightwing (Dick Grayson). After the death of most of her friends, she likely lost control of her emotions, allowing Trigon to get more control over her.

In her ending (after beating classic mode with her), Raven comes to her senses and battles the now evil Superman. Using most of her energy, Raven blacks our. When she awakes, she discovers Trigon took advantage of her weakened state and escaped, along with the majority of his army.

Images Of Sad Boys And Girl In Love Alone Wallpaper Alone Crying Face And Girl In Rain Images Pic

Images Of Sad Boys And Girl In Love Alone Wallpaper Alone Crying Face And Girl In Rain Images Pic

Images Of Sad Boys And Girl In Love Alone Wallpaper Alone Crying Face And Girl In Rain Images Pic

Images Of Sad Boys And Girl In Love Alone Wallpaper Alone Crying Face And Girl In Rain Images Pic

Images Of Sad Boys And Girl In Love Alone Wallpaper Alone Crying Face And Girl In Rain Images Pic

Images Of Sad Boys And Girl In Love Alone Wallpaper Alone Crying Face And Girl In Rain Images Pic

Images Of Sad Boys And Girl In Love Alone Wallpaper Alone Crying Face And Girl In Rain Images Pic

Images Of Sad Boys And Girl In Love Alone Wallpaper Alone Crying Face And Girl In Rain Images Pic

Images Of Sad Boys And Girl In Love Alone Wallpaper Alone Crying Face And Girl In Rain Images Pic

Images Of Sad Boys And Girl In Love Alone Wallpaper Alone Crying Face And Girl In Rain Images Pic

Images Of Sad Boys And Girl In Love Alone Wallpaper Alone Crying Face And Girl In Rain Images Pic

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